I am getting eaten alive by everything that can bite.

Hello mom and family!

Things are going fairly well here in the Patuxent Ward. We had a great week and got a lot of good contacts from members and others. Yesterday we had a Zone Conference on the Book of Mormon and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was really good to hear from President Johnson. We had a service project cleaning gutters for a recent convert today and boy howdy, it was huuuuumid. And hot. Therefore, by default, it was sweaty. I didn’t even do anything except hold a ladder for Elder Lyman and I still got soaked.

This last Sunday we got to go to Why I Believe with two of our recent converts we are working with, Arthur B. and Fred B. They are two awesome men. The speakers were pretty good, and the recent convert testimonies were awesome! The general format for Why I Believe is an opening hymn and prayer, two recent convert testimonies, a special musical number, a slide show of recent baptisms, and two main speakers. The event then ends with a closing hymn and prayer. This last one, there wasn’t a single seat that was empty in the VC auditorium!


The Ward is very rural, and BIG. We have a lot of miles allotted to us for driving as the people are fairly spread out in little clusters. It is sandwiched between the Potomac River and the Patuxant river, so it gets suuuuper humid. The area is incredibly green though, as there is an (over)abundance of moisture. It is also super pretty down near the water.

Most of the people hear work at the air station. We see F-35’s fly around every now and then, which is pretty cool.

The Bishop is Bishop Martines. He has a family of 6 and we have been over once this month. His oldest daughter is getting ready for her mission so we have lessons set where she and either her dad or brother meet us at our investigators. They are an awesome family!

We get fed every night except for Monday and sometimes more than once a day! It is a great area for a slim Jim like myself.

Five things I have in common with my companion, Elder Lyman are:
I. We like the same sports, specifically water ones.
II. We both go home in December
III. We have very similar senses of humor
IV. He likes a lot of the same music and movies I do
V. We are both stumped by the fifth part of this answer 😉

The last Miracle I witnessed was a super pretty sunset. Last answer to a prayer I got was a no. Context withheld until later date. It is good to listen to he Spirit!

I like how green it is here, and how the Ward helps us in our labors. It makes things a lot more effective when you don’t know anyone in the area.

I do love being out in nature, though I am getting eaten alive by everything that can bite. Mosquitos, ticks, ants, and more. Luckily no bed bugs anymore, so I am counting my blessings. I have been getting a lot of good pictures of nature out here in the boonies, and I am grateful for it. We have gone to a few state parks like St Mary’s, Calvert Cliffs, and Point Lookout. It is really enjoyable.

I have been on the Governor Thomas Johnson bridge numerous times and have some fantastic photos of the sunset. It is right on the border of our area, which is really awesome for us.

I love you all and hope you stay safe!

Elder Jacob Norris

Washington DC North Mission
Trust God, Good Things Will Come 🙂

On the Bay…

Hello mom and family!

I am doing really well here in the Patuxent area. It is Suuuuuuper heavily wooded, and super humid, as it is right on the Bay.

I was with Elder Cowan for the prescribed 6 weeks, and it was awesome, until President asked him to train a new missionary. He was a little upset about it at first, but he got excited after a few days. My new companion is Elder Lyman. He is a missionary normally assigned to the Chinese program,  but is doing a few transfers in english (it is the norm for the language programs to do that.). He is probably going back to the Chinese program next transfer, which is sad as he is a great guy!

I am in the same district as Elder Strubell and Elder Bias, which I am super excited about! For those who have forgotten either of them, I was Elder Bias’ companion for two transfers in Glen Burnie, and Elder Strubell and I were in the MTC together. It has been pretty awesome these last 5 days.

1) Favorite memory of Independence day? I am having a hard time recollecting any specific stuff, but I feel like the few times we went out to Uncle Doug’s, ate homemade ice cream and watched fireworks, and swimming, and Julie playing Kingdom Hearts. I always found that rather enjoyable.

2 The most memorable thing I have participated in within the last three weeks is that Elder lyman and I have been working on building our rocket program up. Over all it has been successful (though our apartment smells like death every now and then) I can only guess what he means by “rocket program”, and it brings to mind a certain campfire scene in a certain Mel Brooks’ movie.


4  I bought a slurpee once out here with a bunch of missionaries and it was dumping rain _water halfway up our shins kind of rain_ and there was toooons of lightning. It was pretty fun.

I hope all of you are doing extremely well! Stay safe and love you!

Elder Jacob Norris

Washington D.C. North Mission.