My favorite gift that doesn’t cost money are letters!

Hello Mom and Family!

I am doing well here in Glen Burnie, though it will only be for a couple more days. I am getting transfered down to the Patuxent area this Wednesday, which should be rather exciting.

1. In the next week I look forward to getting a bunch of pictures to send home from other missionaries, as well as serving in a new area.  I look forward to it being good

2. My favorite gift that doesn’t cost money are letters!  They are awesome to get, though I admittedly am pretty poor with return communication.

3. Answering how my home shaped my character is a pretty broad ranging question. I am sure I picked up all of my good habits; like being nice to people and (trying) to let others know what I am thinking. Dad would be happy to know I have used only 1 towel in the last 18 almost 19 months, so my laundry bill has been pretty low. My home has also given me an appreciation for the gospel. Seeing the contrast in the way I lived and the way a lot of people out here live has given me a good perspective on how a family supports one another.

4. This question is a little weird, but I will do my best to answer. A sight I am grateful for is a cupboard with food. A sound… probably something to do with food. And an emotion I am grateful for is the satisfied feeling I get after eating. As I am writing this, I am realizing I have yet to eat dinner, so answers may vary at times. (Dad is worried that he is starving)

I will send some pictures home soon. I asked president for my iPad back and he said he was wondering when I would ask for it!  haha. Wednesday is when I get it, in case there was some confusion. I should be more consistent with writing then.

I love you bunches! Let Julie know I love her. I got her email a little ways back and wanted to reply, but this is the only email I have tiime for.

In other news. today I went golfing for the first time today. It was pretty fun. I did 1 round and golfed a double bogey! I don’t  know if that is good or not. I just used an 8 iron the whole time we golfed. I learned it helps to look at the ball and not the hole when you swing, and it makes a world of difference!

Anyways, love you all a bunch and look forward to seeing you all. December is getting here pretty quick!

Elder Jacob “Splash Bandit 3.0” Norris
Washington DC North Mission
Trust God, Good Things Will Come 🙂

No pictures this week, folks! 



One thought on “My favorite gift that doesn’t cost money are letters!

  1. Hey Elder Norris,

    Neat about your transfer to Patauxent. My Grandfather was stationed at the Naval Air Station Patauxent River, also known as NAS Pax River. He also worked there after he retired in Radio Communications.

    Glad you like the letters and Posts – don’t worry about replying to me – you respond to your family every week. More important you hear from us at home to know we follow and support you!
    I will get to hear your missionary report when you return (with honor!).

    Double bogey in golf not bad for a beginner – just make eagles and birdies teaching investigators!


    Pres Payne


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